[Openvas-discuss] My damn fault

Alan Tu 8libra at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 00:14:00 CEST 2012

Oh yes, my scans are finding stuff, generating reports, doing all
kinds of packet scans.

Nmap is required.

Three suggestions:

1.  Run the check-openvas-setup program and see what it says.

2.  Make sure to update the plugins with openvas nvt sync then
rebuilding the database.

openvas-nvt-sync > /dev/null
openvasmd --rebuild

3.  On the VM, do a packet capture, specifying your target, and see if
there are any outbound packets.

You're close I think. I'm not a C guru and yet built from source. It
took a whole Saturday to get it working.


On 8/7/12, Whit Blauvelt <whit at transpect.com> wrote:
> Got it working (sort of)! This is what I get from getting "too familiar"
> with variant recipes. I'd been using several prior recipes that put the
> gsad
> web support on port 9392. Forgot the exact port, but was looking for it up
> there, so figured it to be the 9393 from the command line - and that's
> where
> the GnuTLS library was getting into error. Obviously I was starting to
> connect to the wrong component (which nonetheless presented an encyrption
> cert the browser, which of course I should have spotted was wrong for
> --http-only anyhow). Port 80, okay it's there. Whew. Sorry for being dumb.
> The "(sort of)" is because the resulting scanner, when running its default
> "Full and Fast" scan against the same port range I'd been testing with the
> Fedora installs (16, which segfaulted, and 15, which looked much better)
> still comes up without finding any of the open ports except for the on NTP
> port on the one system (which happens to be the ISP's router). Now, I see
> in this instance the newer VM doesn't have nmap on it (the others did), so
> I'll try installing that and see if it adds capability ... nope. OpenVAS is
> still blind.
> While the target /27 is the same, this latest instance is in an entirely
> different location - a small cloud provider, while the prior attempts were
> on one of my own networks (a separate one from the /27 scanned).
> When you run scans your scans do your scans find the obvious stuff, the
> things that nmap can see right away? Is the "Full and fast" scan profile as
> distributed not really ready for use? Am I expecting too much that it
> should
> show off an ability to find the obvious stuff?
> There's nothing weird about the /27 I'm scanning. I'm responsible for
> whatever defenses are there, and there's not any tripwire to stealth it
> from
> scans. I've run Nessus against it, and everything's obvious, just as to
> nmap
> - but not OpenVAS yet.
> Thanks again,
> Whit

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