[Openvas-discuss] GSA broken when it comes to editing scan config files - what's the best way around that?

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Wed Aug 8 19:04:44 CEST 2012

A few more specific questions:

Where exactly is OpenVAS configured for nmap? I see options associated with
it through GSA on the "Launch Nmap for Network Scanning" page. Some options
are set to "no," one to "default," and others blank. Is blank = default or
yes or no?

One, "RCP port scan," is set to "no." Does this mean scanning for an open
rcp port, or does "RCP" in this context have a meaning other than ... well
what most old UNIX guys know as rcp? Is this what needs to be turned on?

If it does need to be turned on, GSA doesn't appear to offer any way to do
that from the page that displays the settings. Is it hidden in some other
corner of GSA? Does it require spinning up the client program instead of the
GSA web interface to get to? Is this in a file someplace? A db? It isn't in
/usr/local/etc/openvas, which just has the configuration files for the logs.
I don't find it under /usr/local/share/openvas either. 

The GSA help section says to edit scan configs by choosing the wrench icon.
Those are all greyed out. It says "A scan config can be edited if it's not
currently used by a task." But only one has ever been on this system.
They're all greyed out. Is this a bug, or the lack of a feature?

The "Full and very deep" config has nearly identical nmap settings to "Full
and fast." 


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