[Openvas-discuss] openvasmd fails to start: fedora 16 atomic repo, GnuTLS internal error.

Richard Colley rcolley at cardaccess.com.au
Tue Jan 10 06:37:29 CET 2012

Ok, I've had some success.  It's now working (I think).

However, I have made so many changes I'm going to have to spend time
to work out what actually fixed the issue.

It is something to do with the way algorithm priorities are set in
gnutls.  openvas-libraries/misc/openvas_server.c really needs a good
refactoring as some of the code in openvas_server_open() is duplicated
in openvas_server_new() ... but _new is missing some setup.  There are
comments hinting this refactoring is planned for the future.

I'll report back when I've got more concrete info on a fix (including
maybe a patch).


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