[Openvas-discuss] openvasmd fails to start: fedora 16 atomic repo, GnuTLS internal error.

Richard Colley rcolley at cardaccess.com.au
Wed Jan 11 01:18:46 CET 2012

Ok ... I've got to the bottom of the problem.  The deprecated
functions were wild goose chases (though they will have to be tackled
at some point).

In the end, I found that openvasmd wasn't at fault ... it was actually
openvassd segfaulting in the child process that handled the connection
from openvasmd.  Certificate and keys were being deallocated before
they were used (see load_cert_and_key() in

This actually has already been found by someone else ... see the
redhat bug report here:
This also has a patch to "fix" the problem ... though I think that
someone needs to review the patch for correctness.  But it does seem
to have fixed my problems.

NB: this problem is in both openvas-libraries v4 & v5.


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