[Openvas-discuss] omp get_reports format

Michael Meyer michael.meyer at greenbone.net
Thu Jan 19 18:55:43 CET 2012

*** Derek Wuelfrath <dwuelfrath at inverse.ca> wrote:
> Trying to get scan reports in NBE format but even if I use the
> following i'm still getting these XML reports
> '<get_reports report_id="81995506-3ff0-43ff-9a86-b55a44dea3b5"
> format="NBE"/>'

<get_reports report_id="81995506-3ff0-43ff-9a86-b55a44dea3b5" format_id="9ca6fe72-1f62-11e1-9e7c-406186ea4fc5">

See the "<get_report_formats/>" command for the format_id it this id
doesn't work.




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