[Openvas-discuss] Task requested but only starts after 10 min

Derek Wuelfrath dwuelfrath at inverse.ca
Thu Jun 14 16:56:13 CEST 2012

Hello Matthew / list,

I'm working on the integration of OpenVAS with PacketFence.
The situation Tobias described occurs at each time PacketFence triggers 
a scan for a new client (computer).

PacketFence currently uses the following workflow (using OMP):
- Create a new target
- Create a new escalator
- Create a new task with the target and escalator
- Start the newly created task

You can take a look at who it looks like using or repo on GitHub: 
Check for the startScan method.

What I'm looking for is the "correct" way to triggers scan on OpenVAS 
without having to wait that 10minute delay each time.
You said that situation occurs each time the Manager (OpenVAS component) 
connects to the Scanner (other OpenVAS component).

Thanks for any help!

On 5/25/12 08:07 , Matthew Mundell wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i use OpenVAS in combination with Packetfence. If Packetfence insert a new
>> scan task into OpenVAS the task only starts after 10 minutes. First the
>> task is "requested" for 10min, then the task "run" for 15sec. If i start an
>> task manuell, it waits 10 min.
>> What can i do to start the task directly?
> When the Manager connects to the Scanner to start the task, the Scanner
> always sends all the details of the NVTs to the Manager.  Processing of
> this might be what is taking the 10 minutes.  This happens every time a
> client connects to the Manager.
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