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We have had Openvas running for quite some time on one of our machines,
scanning as early as last night.


Today, we try to run one of the jobs and the GSA web interface says
"Stopped at 1%"


Nothing has changed and we have run no updates between last night and


The openvasmd.lo shows these entries (The test we are trying to run is
ANB Pcs)


event task:MESSAGE:2012-05-02 19h41.33 utc:1024: Status of task ANB pcs
(ceb4b7eb-a039-4334-be23-8834918a0784) has changed to Requested

event task:MESSAGE:2012-05-02 19h41.34 utc:1024: Task
ceb4b7eb-a039-4334-be23-8834918a0784 has been requested to start

lib  serv:WARNING:2012-05-02 19h41.40 utc:1024:    Failed to gnutls_bye:
Error in the push function.


lib  serv:WARNING:2012-05-02 19h41.43 utc:1026: openvas_server_connect:
failed to connect to server: Broken pipe


lib  serv:WARNING:2012-05-02 19h41.43 utc:1026:    Failed to gnutls_bye:
Error in the push function.


event task:MESSAGE:2012-05-02 19h41.43 utc:1026: Status of task ANB pcs
(ceb4b7eb-a039-4334-be23-8834918a0784) has changed to Stopped

event auth:MESSAGE:2012-05-02 19h42.28 utc:1033: Authentication success
for user admin (38a5e07f-f6d3-4bfc-bbf3-d2ddc946f67e)

md   main:WARNING:2012-05-02 19h42.28 utc:1033: read_from_server: failed
to read from server: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.


lib  serv:WARNING:2012-05-02 19h42.35 utc:1033:    Failed to gnutls_bye:
Error in the push function.



Any insight would be helpful as it looks like all parts are running .


Tom P

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