[Openvas-discuss] Plugin to check for SSL Weak Ciphers

Stefan Schwarz Stefan.Schwarz at unibw.de
Wed May 16 12:17:47 CEST 2012

Am 16.05.2012 11:21, schrieb Michael Meyer:
> *** Stefan Schwarz wrote:
>> Am 13.05.2012 13:42, schrieb Michael Meyer:
>>> *** Stefan Schwarz wrote:
>>>> But what's really strange is that OID 103441 is not listed by
>>>> gsa/OMP. I created an empty scan-config within GSA and in family
>>>> "General" this plugin cannot be found and therefore not enabled.
>>>> Any ideas how to use OID 103441 with gsa?
>>> For me it's visible in gsa. You didn't run "openvasmd --rebuild" for
>>> some time?
>>> Micha
>> To be more detailed about this problem:
>> When starting openvassd, log tells me that plugin 103441 gets loaded:
>> [Wed May 16 07:28:56 2012][21355] Loading
>> gb_secpod_ssl_ciphers_noweak_report.nasl
>> When connecting with openvas-client (OTP) this plugin is loaded and
>> can be selected. Also a scan using this plugin shows the execution:
>> [Wed May 16 07:32:57 2012][21419] user xyz: launching
>> gb_secpod_ssl_ciphers_noweak_report.nasl against abc[21448]
>> But when connecting to gsa on same machine and creating an empty
>> scan-config this plugin is not listed. This is really strange
>> because there is only one instance of openvassd running on this
>> machine.
>> There is also a huge difference between number of plugins within
>> family "General":
>> OTP: 1307
>> OMP: 1122
>> Maybe a problem with openvas-manager?
> When did you run "openvasmd --rebuild" for the last time? The
> difference betwenn OTP and OMP looks like there are many NVTs
> not in the manager database.
> Micha
Blame on me :-(
I do my nvt-syncing by script and the script ends with "openvasmd 
--update" , which is not sufficient for openvasmd.
Adding "openvasmd --rebuild" now works as desired.

Thanks for help,

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