[Openvas-discuss] gsad - libmicrohttpd problems

Juan José Pavlik Salles jjpavlik at gmail.com
Thu May 17 04:12:09 CEST 2012

Miguel, you should check this

2012/3/23 Miguel Lucero <miguel.lucero at gmail.com>

> I just loaded the latest OpenVAS on Ubuntu 11.10 and can not get gsad to
> work.
> Whenever I try to login using the web gui the gsad process starts using
> 99% cpu and login never succeeds. There are times when I cant even get the
> login page and the process begins to climb without showing me a login
> prompt. I tried searching for a solution and everything said it was a bug
> in libmicrohttpd but that was referring to an old version. I tried
> compiling an old version of libmicrohttpd (0.9.15) and it appeared to
> resolve it temporarily but the problem came back after I restarted the
> services. I attached to the process with strace but was not able to
> retrieve anything meaningful.
> I'm running the following:
> openvas 3.2.5-1
> openvas-manager 2.0.4-1
> openvas-cli 1.1.4-1
> openvas-administrator 1.1.2-1
> libmicrohttpd
> Ubuntu 11.10
> This only happens when running the gsad with SSL. If I run the service
> manually with --http-only, the application responds correctly and the
> process does not run away.
> Any help would be great... I am very interested in resolving this issue
> for other users. Thank you!
> Miguel
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