[Openvas-discuss] Proposal on GSA-improvements

Christian Kuersteiner ckuerste at gmx.ch
Sat May 19 18:28:52 CEST 2012

Hi all,

On 05/19/2012 04:00 PM, Stefan Schwarz wrote:
> 2) Editing of already defined configs
> Do you really believe a configuration is correctly done in a 1st
> attempt. In gsa you define at least scan-config, target and task. After
> running the task for a 1st time you will need to change config. But your
> scan-config now is read-only and you have to delete your task and
> scan-config to restart from scratch. This is a real pain and uses lots

Completely agree with you. As an auditor I have to create and modify a 
lot of different scan configs which is very time consuming in the given way.

> Proposal:
> Do not automatically set configs to read-only after defining tasks and

Maybe just make an option to lock the configuration. And as you 
mentioned mark it in the report.
For me I still would like the ability to diff the reports even if the 
config is not locked but it should be clearly stated that this might 
have some impact on the diff.

Another proposal:
How about an easy way to clone a given config/target? This would make 
the whole config changing task much easier/faster.



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