[Openvas-discuss] Openvas 4 or 5

Juan José Pavlik Salles jjpavlik at gmail.com
Sun May 20 05:16:48 CEST 2012

Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer!! I will stick to my Openvas4 then. Hope
we can migrate easily from one to the other, after all the bugs are solved.

2012/5/19 Daniel Cabezas <danielcabezas at hotmail.com>

>  Hi Juan José
> I've spent yesterday evening and most of today's morning trying to install
> and get OpenVAS 5 working. Long story short, it doesn't. I've stumbled
> across a long list of different bugs, not all of them directly related to
> OpenVAS, but in the end, it simply doesn't work:
> - In OpenSUSE and Debian distributions, problem resides in sqlite
> segfaulting when OpenVAS manager does the initial rebuild of the database.
> - In Centos 5.x and 6.x libmicrohttps doesn't support SSL, and
> openvas-nvt-sync corrupts the downloaded .nasl somehow, so openvas-scanner
> fails while initially loading the plugins.
> Jan-Oliver has recently posted a message indicating they are going to
> release a working OpenVAS 5 VM. My recommendation would be to wait for it
> and then check. In the meantime, stick to 4 version, or you are going to
> face a significant amount of issues.
> Kind regards,
> --
> Daniel
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> Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 14:39:57 -0300
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> Subject: [Openvas-discuss] Openvas 4 or 5
> Hi, i am not sure what to do, wheter to keep my Openvas4 installation or
> go for a new Openvas5 one. Besides, i have some things already working, in
> my actual desployment, but i want more. What are the main differences
> between both of them?
> --
> Pavlik Juan José
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Pavlik Juan José
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