[Openvas-discuss] openvas-5 seems to ignore max_hosts setting at task level ?

Guillaume Castagnino casta+vulnit at xwing.info
Tue May 22 09:56:26 CEST 2012

Le lundi 21 mai 2012 18:39:06, Matthew Mundell a écrit :
> > So do I miss something here, is there something wrong ?
> Thanks for spotting this.  There's an error in the brief case of GET_TASKS.
> If you add details="1" to GET_TASKS those values should be correct.
> It's solved in trunk r13478 and backported to OpenVAS-5 in r13479.  Will be
> in the next OpenVAS-5 Manager release.

So this is only a display bug. Great thanks !

Guillaume Castagnino
    casta at xwing.info / guillaume at castagnino.org

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