[Openvas-discuss] openvasmd cant load authentication configuration

Michael Zimmermann zimmermann.mic at googlemail.com
Fri May 25 16:19:02 CEST 2012


i am compiling openvas 5 from source on a clean debian 6.0.1a installation.
i first compile the wmi module, the libraries and the scanner.
everything happens without errors and before "make install" cmake states
that all dependencies are met. same thing with the openvas-manager.. but
when i fire it up for the first time the log shows two entries:

"sql_x sqlite3_prepare failed no such table meta"
"*Authentication configuration could not be loaded*."

if i do a "openvasmd --rebuild" everything is fine and i dont get errors.
but after installing greenbone security assistant i cant logon to the
webpage due to an authentication failure. and yes i created a user :) the
openvas-check-setup script doesnt return any errors too..

what kind of further informations do you need to be able to help me? ;)

best regards,

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