[Openvas-discuss] RAM usage limitation

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Dec 9 15:14:54 CET 2013

Am 09.12.2013 15:02, schrieb Paula Gonzalez Muñoz:
> when running openvas we have noticed that it sometimes maxes the RAM and the SWAP which causes our server to
> freeze. Is there any way that we can limit the RAM usage for it? We don't mind that the scans take longer, but we
> want to increase resilience on the system, avoiding a server freeze that would require a hard reset.

then limit the scans to only *one* machine and NVT at the same time
below 3 GB there is likely no way to have OpenVAS running because
the nvt/scap/cve-sync will lead in OOM

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