[Openvas-discuss] Scanning MS windows

Jagannath Naidu jagannath.naidu at fosteringlinux.com
Wed Dec 11 10:32:01 CET 2013


I was a QualysGuard user and decided to use the opensource.
I am new to openvas and have been checking the functionality of it.
I installed the openvas on a centos minimal, 64 bit. It works well and
results are good.

The only problem where I am stuck is that it shows very less details when
scanning any MS Windows target.

As compared to the QualysGuard scan it is negligible.

Do I have to install any commercial feeds or am I missing any configuration.

When I scan a RHEL target, it shows results about 160(96 high, 27 med, 45
low, and remaining logs)
When I scan a Windows target, it shows 40 (1 high, 3 med, 4 low).

I provided smb credentials for windows target and ssh credentials for linux

openvas-nvt-sync is up to date.

Please help !!!!
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