[Openvas-discuss] OpenVas 6.0 Scans not showing as "Complete"

Hani Benhabiles hani.benhabiles at greenbone.net
Tue Dec 31 21:13:29 CET 2013

Hi Brian,

On 2013-12-31 15:49, Brian Diehl wrote:
> I'm resending as I never got a reply …
> Hopefully someone can help?
> Brian Diehl
> Christensen Farms IT Manager
> Phone: 507-794-8585
> FROM: Brian Diehl
>  SENT: Thursday, December 19, 2013 4:53 PM
>  TO: 'openvas-discuss at wald.intevation.org'
>  SUBJECT: OpenVas 6.0 Scans not showing as "Complete"
> I am running openvas 6.0 on a Ubuntu 12 server. I have OpenVas
> successfully scanning my server network. When I run a task it will
> complete properly and show the task as complete. However, when I look
> at the scan report and scroll down to the list of servers "Filtered
> Results" they will all show "(not finished)". The hosts all have the 
> a
> "start time", but all of them will have "not finished" for the end
> time. When I look at the scan results everything appears to be there.
> If I look at the "log" information in the scan results no error
> messages show up. On the server side I don't find any zombie 
> processes
> either.
> I have also reviewed the openvas scanner, manager, and admin daemon
> logs. One thing I did notice is a "SIGSEGV" error in the
> openvassd.messages file.

Can you reproduce this ? Is it possible to get a core dump for the 
segfault ? That would be ideal. Otherwise, maybe you can make some 
changes in the targets, configs etc,. to pin down what is causing this 



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