[Openvas-discuss] OpenVAS 6 "login failed" problem

YanQian yankaiqian at live.cn
Fri Jul 4 10:30:41 CEST 2014

I got "Login failed" issue, it's so weird to me. I tried to add new admin user using openvasad, but it didn't work, I couldn't login with the new user, still got the "Login failed" error message.

# openvasad -c add_user -u test -r Admin
Enter password:
ad   main:MESSAGE:12169:2014-07-04 00h26.16 CST: No rules file provided, the new user will have no restrictions.
ad   main:MESSAGE:12169:2014-07-04 00h26.16 CST: User test has been successfully created.

# openvasad -c list_users

Both "root" and "test" were added by me just now, but I can't login with these new users. This is an OpenVAS 6 on RHEL 6.2 box, it was working well in the past months, what else should I provide to diagnose this problem?


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