[Openvas-discuss] documentation

red0queen red0queen at red-net.info
Mon Jun 16 05:45:03 CEST 2014


It's online, you can add a CNAME in your dns from wiki.openvas.com to
ssl is available with my cacert certificate for provide encryption to
the paranoid users ;-)

The edit need a manual right assignation to limit risk, send me a mail
with your pseudo to obtain it.
Let me know if you have some problems/remark


Le 14/06/2014 11:25, Michael Meyer a écrit :
> *** Geoff Galitz wrote:
>> We've got docs on the way for the OpenVAS 7, they are in the editing
>> stage.  Even so.. a wiki is a great thing.  Who is willing to host it?
> As far as I understand, "red0queen" would do the hosting.
> Micha

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