[Openvas-discuss] too little inodes for NVTs and invalid cross device link

Rene Behring rene.behring at gmail.com
Wed May 21 14:35:36 CEST 2014


today i installed OpenVAS on a server with too little inodes for all the NVTs. So i created a Filesystem for /var/lib/openvas.
Is there a better way of solving this?

Now when i try to delete a report-format i get an error. I had the same problem on another server but didn’t know where it comes from.

md   main:WARNING:2014-04-28 12h48.34 UTC:57484: delete_report_format: rename /var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/report_formats/db52e34b-6a21-4276-bc88-0b8d3dff202d/9f68dca1-1033-4a85-acfc-38086f1d7566 to /usr/share/openvas/openvasmd/report_formats_trash/1: Invalid cross-device link

Does someone know how to crack this problem?

Rene Behring

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