[Openvas-discuss] non Default scans

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Tue Aug 4 21:57:03 CEST 2015

What is output of ps aux | grep openvas
during scan?

3.8.2015 8.01 ip. "Dury, John C." <JDury at duqlight.com> kirjoitti:

> I have built both OpenVAS 8 and OpenVAS 7 systems from source and also
> tried some pre built binaries like the ones that come with Kali and when I
> try to do a custom task with a scan using options other than default scan
> from with GSA, the task never seems to progress or complete. I haven’t
> tried every combination of options but the few that I have chosen, seem to
> start but never progress past 1%. This also happens when I tried this on
> Kali which comes with it’s own binaries and I did not build from source. I
> know there are other users with the same problem. Any suggestion on why
> this is happening and why scans other than the default, don’t seem to work
> or progress? For example, I picked “full and fast” for a target I just
> created, and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t even see any
> processes running that have the target name in them.  This is being done
> with OpenVAS that comes with the latest version of Kali. I was hoping to
> just start using OpenVAS without a lot of debugging since that is
> definitely not my area, but between compiling from source not working
> correctly, and pre-built binaries in Kali not working correctly, I am
> giving up hope. Any suggestions on where to start?
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