[Openvas-discuss] Opwnvas 9 installation problem

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at greenbone.net
Wed Aug 26 11:30:08 CEST 2015

* Ehsan Safdari [26. Aug 2015]:
> I installed openvas 9 from source on Ubuntu every thing look fine but when
> I want to scan any target from web console I  get no result when I check it
> with openvas-check-setup --v9 , I get this result but openvassd gsad and
> openvasmd are running and I did openvasmd --rebuild successfully !  any
> help please !
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ...
> If you think this result is wrong, please report your observation
> and help us to improve this check routine:
> http://lists.wald.intevation.org/mailman/listinfo/openvas-discuss
> Please attach the log-file (/tmp/openvas-check-setup.log) to help us
> analyze the problem.

As the message says, please attach the log file. There might be a check
going wrong, but it is hard to say without the log file.

Also note that OpenVAS-9 is still in early beta, so it might not be
useful for day to day tasks just yet.



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