[Openvas-discuss] Weird issue - GSA Login Failed - KALI distro

Randy Dover rdover at cscbank.com
Wed Feb 4 19:04:45 CET 2015

It was expired.
I typed the command to create the new. It didn't ask any questions such as country, etc.
It displayed a message:
        Certificate to be certified until Feb 4 2016 (365 days)
        Write out database with 1 new entries
        Data Base Updated
        User -I added to OpenVAS

        Your client certificates are in /tmp/ovenvas-mkcert-client.6887
        You will have to copy them by hand

I stopped the OpenVAS services
I started them back

Still can't login. With old or the one I created today.

Do I need to copy the new cert somewhere?

Randy Dover
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*** Randy Dover wrote:

> I've done everything I know to try and tried several things I found on
> the web. I can't login at all. I know the username and password.
> I created a new user (admin level) and can't login with it either.

openssl x509 -noout -text -in /var/lib/openvas/CA/clientcert.pem

Validity ->  Not After

If it is expired, just run "openvas-mkcert-client -n -i"


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