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Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Aug 23 10:00:06 CEST 2017

Hello Thijs,

looks great!

How did you like working with GVM Tools compared to the omp tool?

All the best


Am Freitag, 18. August 2017, 20:35:29 schrieb Thijs Stuurman:
> OpenVAS users,
> Recently Greenbone Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner announced GVM-Tools which inspired
> me to rewrite my task scheduler. Which task scheduler? One day I hacked
> together some bash script which called the OpenVAS omp program and parsed
> the output. Based on some dirty grep filtering and tricks I managed to make
> it start tasks which had not run in the current month.
> Somehow I cannot find my way with the official scheduler... and I know some
> of you have built alike or even more elaborate scripts to handle things.
> I never publicly released the bash script because it was ugly, got slow and
> had a lot of hard coded constraints which only fitted my own setup. This
> time around I implemented everything from scratch based on the GVM-Tools
> gvm-pyshell using the gmp calls to get the tasks information in XML format
> and start a task. I think this version will work for almost everyone.
> You can find the new scheduler script here:
> https://github.com/Thijssss/openvas_scheduler See the wiki part of the
> github page for a screenshot.
> It's written to run as part of the GVM-Tools gvm-pyshell, see the run
> example. The code is for Python 3 and I have used urwid for a console text
> GUI interface.
> What I want, and this does, it make sure all tasks run at least once a
> month. I usually run the scheduler inside a screen and check on occasion.
> It does not run 24/7/365, It could but I start the last week of the month
> or whenever I feel like it. So what does it do exactly? In short:
> *         Get tasks information, then loop tasks to determine:
> o    Scanner instance (slave)
> o    If the latest completed run was in the period between now and a month
> ago
> o    Tasks in total
> o    Tasks that haven't run yet
> o    Which tasks are running and their status
> *         If there is room for a new task on a scanner instance, look for a
> job that fits. (it pop's the list, so it kind of chooses at random)
> o    If so, tell OpenVAS to start the task (just sends start for a specific
> task ID)
> (IF it may start, you can configure on which days and between which hours; I
> only start jobs during office hours)
> See the code for more information; for example I have limited the settings
> by default to two concurrent tasks per slave scanner. This script does not
> change anything in your OpenVAS setup/database. It just reads the tasks
> information and requests a task start. My setup: A master instance and 4
> slave scanners. Every task is set and configured to run on a specific slave
> scanner.
> Any question, feedback, bug report, fork etc' is welcome.

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