[Openvas-discuss] Scheduled Task won't start

Helmut Koers hkoers at de.hellmann.net
Thu Aug 31 13:05:08 CEST 2017

Nobody here who can help or give at least a hint?

I have at least been able to move "tasks.db" from OpenVAS-9 on Debian 9 to 
OpenVAS-9 on Debian 8 and run scheduled tasks on the target system with no 

Is there any recommendation in regards to the OS and version for running 
OpenVAS-9 from sources?
Should I stick with version 8 in case of Debian as the OS for OpenVAS-9?

Thanks, Helmut

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25.08.2017 12:52:11:

> From: Helmut Koers <hkoers at de.hellmann.net>
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> Date: 25.08.2017 12:52
> Subject: [Openvas-discuss] Scheduled Task won't start
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> Hi there,
> I've got an OpenVAS-9 installation with several scheduled tasks and I 
> to move it to another server running OpenVAS-9 as well. I have copied 
> tasks.db and the directory /usr/local/var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/gnupg/ 
> the other server, but the scheduled tasks won't start anymore. 
> openvasmd.log continuously shows the following:
> md manage:WARNING:2017-08-25 10h24.21 utc:1189: manage_schedule: child 
> failed
> md manage:WARNING:2017-08-25 10h24.21 utc:1189: reschedule_task: 
> rescheduling task '027f5b28-f61e-4944-958a-c7bfa8f26374'
> I've also tried copying the entire directories "/usr/local/etc/openvas" 
> and "/usr/local/var/lib/openvas", but with no success .
> There is Debian 9 with Openvas-9 installed from sources running on both 
> servers. There are no issues when tasks are being started manually.
> Can anyone help me to solve this issue.
> Thank you,
> Helmut
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