[Openvas-discuss] Assign Additional Resources CPU/Memory to openvasmd

Christian Fischer christian.fischer at greenbone.net
Sat Jan 7 23:09:21 CET 2017


On 07.01.2017 19:43, TN TN wrote:
> Hi, I have a fairly powerful server and it seems like the openvasmd
> process isnt using up alot of the resources on the box. If I run
> numerous scans (the scanner being off of the main openvasmd server), the
> openvasmd process barely uses any resources, however Greenbone slows
> down and the backend commands take much longer to execute. Is there a
> way to force openvasmd to use more resources (CPU/Memory) so that it
> runs faster? Thanks, TN

i don't think this is possible and it also probably wouldn't help here.
The manager process is using the resources it needs.

I think the bottle neck is more likely the sqlite database backend which
slows down if multiple scanners are sending data to the manager. Have a
look at the postgresql database backend which might help to improve the



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