[Openvas-discuss] rsync connection to feed.openvas.org blocked

Lukas Grunwald lukas at greenbone.net
Tue Jan 17 08:13:03 CET 2017


There is only a session limit for multiple simultaneous syncs.
You should use a dedicated outbound IP and not using the default NAT 
pool. Anyway AWS limited vulnerability scanning with the T&C, you should 
notice this.

For any AWS questions, please contact your AWS technical contact.

On 17.01.2017 01:16, Craig Christophel wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope this list is the proper location for this question.
> I am unable to connection to feed.openvas.org 
> <http://feed.openvas.org> via rsync from a site on Amazon Web Services.
> I am able to connect to this server from other ip addresses
> I am able to connect to other rsync servers from the AWS ip address.
> I am able to connect via HTTP to feed.openvas.org 
> <http://feed.openvas.org> from the AWS ip address.
> When connecting to the rsync server from another ip address there is 
> mention of a ban.  Is there some method of "unbanning?"
> Thanks,
> Craig.
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