[Openvas-discuss] Debian? Gsad is listening on port 80 and 9392 - should be only 9392

Hans hans.ullrich at loop.de
Thu May 25 09:29:26 CEST 2017

Dear maintainers,

on my debian system I wondered, why gsad is listening on port 80 instead of only 9392. I 
checked /etc/default/greenbone-security-assistant and the listening port is set as 9392. 
However, netstat and openvas-check-setup is telling me something else:

netstat -lp | grep gsad 


OK: OpenVAS Manager is listening on port 9390, which is the default port. 

This is weired. There was an older report, where gsad is listening also on 443, but this 
issue was on Ubuntu and never solved. On kali linux it is working correctly. So what is the 
main difference to debian? Kali is 95 percent debian.

Any hints are welcome.

Best regards

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