[Openvas-discuss] OpenVAS9 hanging nasl tasks (REDUX)

Pete @ GREENUP ENGINEERING pete at greenupengineering.com
Fri Apr 6 00:43:04 CEST 2018

Ok, so with an upgrade (and then another one) I just have a mixed bag of 
different issues across 3 installs. 2 of them i think are sorted (for 
now), but the last one has me a bit stumped, and isn't related to the 
subject/original topic.

Last night i did an upgrade via the repo on the three servers. It was to 
a level beyond where i was at, but not up to source code level yet. 
Everything installed ok, and scans started taking the time i would 
expect. I thought "IT'S FIXED!!!": Pleased i was.

But no such luck - this morning, although scans moved along and 
finished, 2 servers had issues. One had the manager stopped and the 
other had the scanner stopped, the 3rd was was chugging along fine.  
Pleased i wasn't. On one of them i did some flushing and rebuilding and 
things came good again, am back scanning fast and all services seem to 
be remaining running.

I couldn't find a way to get the other one where the manager service 
wouldn't start working, so thought i would try to get it on the 
source-code level. Mohammad had just yesterday brought his repo up to 
source-code level, so I took a snapshot and did the upgrade and lots of 
stuff failed. I backed out to the snapshot point and tried again (i dont 
think i did anything different), things when smoother this time, and 
services seem to be running, but with the gsa 7.0.3 upgrade a problem 
was introduced which means i cant access the WebUI. I get the login page 
ok, enter my username and password, then get a one line text response of

"The request contained an unknown or invalid Host header. If you are 
trying to access GSA via its hostname or a proxy, make sure GSA is set 
up to allow it."

Searching for those words don't yield me answers beyond the fact that 
this error text was recently added to the gsad.c file in 7.0.3 (wasn't 
there in 7.0.2 which is what i am successfully running on the other 2 



Seems like something isn;t right in the new GSA 7.0.3 version. Was 
wondering if anyone else has some input, although might be better to 
start a new thread?


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