[Openvas-discuss] BUG? all hosts given same asset id

Trent Townsend trent_townsend at nextstepinnovation.com
Tue Apr 24 17:11:13 CEST 2018

Has anyone see this before?  I've got a report with 25 hosts.  However, when viewing the XML report and also the Hosts report in the GUI, I get the same asset_id for every system.

When I hover over IP #1, I get this link:

When I hover over IP #1, I get this link:

All 25 hosts have the same link and take me to the same wrong host page.

Same thing in the XML.  I get a different host IP every time but the asset_id is always the same.

<host><file:///C:\Users\ttownsend\AppData\Local\Temp\report-112aeccf-98f0-43ee-b50f-c87d33144082-1.xml>10.x.x.x<asset asset_id="02155a5f-a34f-479b-8e80-c7c3c37231ae"/></host>

This would appear to be a bug in Openvas.  I haven't changed the settings on the scanner for a month or more and this has happened several times but sometimes it works properly.

Any ideas?


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