[Openvas-discuss] change global variable settings

Christian Fischer christian.fischer at greenbone.net
Sat Apr 28 15:04:28 CEST 2018


On 28.04.2018 01:30, Stelios Barberakis wrote:
> I apologise if this is a double post, but I think the previous one was
> not delivered.

you can check the delivering status on your own if you browse the
mailing list archives available at:


where you can see that your previous mail was delivered as well:


> Using the web UI, I can see the settings, including 'Exclude printers
> from scan' (screenshot attached in the link).
> but I can't find out *how to change it*. The configuration files doesn't
> include any such option:

The openvassd.conf is the wrong place you're looking at. You would need
to clone the "Full and Fast" scan configuration to be able to change
this setting.

But instead of changing the scan configuration i'm quite interested in
why your server is detected as a printer. Starting with the next feed
update (around Monday next week) the following NVTs will print out the
reason why your system was detected as a printer:

Do not scan printers

Do not print on AppSocket and socketAPI printers

It would be great if you could share the output of the NVTs either
privately or here at the mailing list.



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