[Openvas-distro] Feedback for RC1

Stephan Kleine bitdealer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:52:41 CET 2008

> As far as I understand your mail, these issues do not break
> functionality, but rather force more or less ugly workarounds, correct?

I don't know if it breaks functionality (my guess it doesn't since it
builds with said workarounds) but my point simply is that you are
currently abusing your build system (as in using it somehow wrong)
which normally is a sure way to make it blow up right in your face one
the next most unfavourable occasion.

> Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the experience right now to
> propose a good solution to this problem, so

Neither do I, but since it worked just fine for earlier (1.x) releases
it has to be some change you introduced since then. And, since you
need only log2(#of commits) - e.g. 1024 commits for -libraries since
the latest 1.x release woud require you to check only 10 different
revisions - it shouldn't take long to narrow it down to one patchset
that broke it. IMHO you better invest that time now instead of having
to do it after it completely broke.

Besides that, the only thing I noticed is that for some reason
appending "-I../libopenvas" to libtool's / gcc's parameters does erase
the $CFLAGS variable. Perhaps this helps somehow.


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