[Openvas-distro] More fun with openvas-libraries

Stephan Kleine bitdealer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 20:11:29 CET 2008

Looking over the logfile for the openvas-libraries builds I noticed
that it gets actually build 3 time:

1. upon calling make which is as it should be

2. upon calling make install in the global makefile since the install
target depends on the compile target

3. by the make install targets in libopenvas & libopenvas_hg since
those also depend on the compile target

Also $CFLAGS is only respected / used during the first run but not in
the later ones.

See http://rafb.net/p/Z6ItFO80.html for the full build log.

E.g. plugutils.c gets build in line 677, 825 and 954. The only time my
additional $CFLAGS are used is #677.

Attached is a patch that removes the dependency on the compile targets
for the install targets in the main Makefile as well as in the ones in
libopenvas & libopenvas_hg.

AFAIK it does what it is supposed to do (as in stuff gets compiled
with $CFLAGS and only one time) but e.g. calling "make install" wont
trigger any compilation anymore so one has to manually run "make"
first (which is what I would expect in the first place).

Please review it and apply it to trunk if the solution is correct.

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