[Openvas-distro] OpenVAS Plugins Licenses

Joey Schulze joey at infodrom.org
Sat Dec 13 14:15:39 CET 2008


In the openvas-plugins packges a lot of licenses don't match our (or
rather other people's) expectations with regards to the GPLv2 tarball
extracted from the old Nessus project.

The licenses need to be unified at least before the package can go
into the Debian archive.  I'm currently discussing this in person with
the ftpmaster who is processing NEW and we'll get another rejection.
That'll also mean that the new version 1.0.5 will be out of luck as

In 1.0.6 we should have resolved all license problems.  Unfortunately
this requires us to wade through all source and plugin files and check
each and every license/license statement for their compatibility with
the overall license that is used (GPLv2).

For a quite bad example of a mismatch, please take a look at this example:




Ten years and still binary compatible.  -- XFree86

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