[Openvas-distro] Fwd: [Openvas-distro-deb] openvas-plugins_1.0.4-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Joey Schulze joey at infodrom.org
Sun Dec 14 22:58:41 CET 2008

Jan Wagner wrote:
> He guys ... maybe you want to have a look into it! :)

Thanks for forwarding Thomas' mail.

> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> unfortunately openvas-plugins package seems to need some major
> work auditing copyrights and licenses for each and every file.
> Most likely upstream wants to look into what the ship,
> might not align with their free software ideas, either.

Thomas showed me the file in particular before (see other mail).  This
is from plugins/objectserver/objectserver.c

> If you have influence on upstream, I'd also recommend
> bookkepping of GPL2 vs. GPL2+ vs. Same as Perl vs. GPL3
> licenses.

This will require somebody go through each and every file and check
their respective copyright and license statements.  This could result
in several files being removed from the package.

This mail from the acting ftpmaster also shows that we have don't have
any chance of getting OpenVAS plugins included in any Debian release
until these problems are resolved.

It would be nice if this could happen before the 2.0.0 release.



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