[Skencil-devel] More build issues

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue May 8 15:15:42 CEST 2007

Hi Adam,

On Monday 07 May 2007 04:55, Adam Williamson wrote:
> I thought I'd roll up my sleeves and see if I could hack Skencil to put
> stuff in the right places.

wow, thanks for doing so.
Once I get Bernhard H. convinced that those are actually the right places,
we will find a way of putting Skencil there. Your input does give us some
arguments of course, this is what makes it valueable. ;)

> The bigger problem, obviously, is that once all this stuff is changed,
> Skencil doesn't work any more. It seems to be written only for the case
> that all of Skencil's files are installed in one place, so of course it
> breaks with the patch. I guess all that would be needed would be some
> changes to config.py , but I'm not smart enough to make them. I think
> this should also be quite easy for a real coder.

You probably have to change the PYTHONPATH to include all the directories.
Python's import statement will also use a patch components, like
	import xxx/yyy

> Well, anyway, I thought after complaining I should at least roll up my
> sleeves and do what I could! hope this hacky effort is at least a
> stimulus for someone to fix stuff properly. :)

It is. All feedback is nice.

> I should note again that the 'standard' build process in recent versions
> of python appears to cover all this stuff. At least, browsing the python
> docs site, I see pages like
> http://docs.python.org/inst/alt-install-windows.html which indicate that
> the modern python installation process understands the basic concepts of
> installing 'pure' modules to /usr/lib/site-packages , 'non-pure' modules
> to /usr/lib{64}/site-packages , scripts to /usr/bin and static date
> to /usr/share.

I will peek a look there and at your patch. 
Thanks again for the pointer and for fixing Skencil for Mandriva users!


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