[Winpt-users] WinPT Snapshot Version

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Wed Jan 18 08:52:03 CET 2006

On Tue Jan 17 2006; 17:55, Robert D. wrote:

> > What exactly do you mean?
> the only "? " I see is in Key manager and it is grayed out.

Ah, OK. This button will be automatically enabled when a file
with the name "winpt.chm" was found in the WinPT folder. Because
I still found no time to finish the work, it's grayed out.

> > If you download the winpt.mo from www.winpt.org
> I had one in WinPT Dir but it is zero-length. I do not see any
> reference to winpt.mo on the .org page nor the newer site.

It just says "Last German translation file".

> I have a *locale* folder full of a few .mo files from sundry
> countries.

WinPT uses a simplified version of gettext and thus you need to
rename your preferred language (de.mo for example) to program-name.mo.
For WinPT "de.mo" -> "winpt.mo". Then it should work.



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