[Winpt-users] GPOE is..still alive

Juan Ignacio Gaviria gaviria at fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 9 11:34:14 CET 2006

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Hi, Timo and listers!

I have kept the "old" GPGOE in my computer for several years (at home
and at work) through various Windows versions (98, 2000 and Xp).  Of
course OE version has also changed in time.  I am glad to report that
it works with no conflicts at all.  It also works with the most
recent versions of GnuPG and WinPT.  It has only been a matter of
placing a shorcut to GPGOE dll loader in the startup folder.

Sadly, I also have to say that I have never been able to sign AND
encrypt my messages.
If feedback is required to continue maintaining GPGOE, here it goes: 
please, keep up your hard work on this matter!  I really appreciate
it and I think that GPGOE is a great tool.

Best regards,

Juan Ignacio Gaviria
Isla Margarita

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I got a lot of requests where to find GPGOE and if the plugin works
with in a recent XP/OE environment, so I decided to cleanup the

But before I do a real release, I would like to make sure it works
on the very common systems (XP, 2K with a new OE version). If
is willing to test the BETA release, I would prepare a zip and
it to the winpt website.

The encryption/verify part should flawlessly work, but my concern is
more general that the entire "dirty trick" to perform the operation
won't work any longer on newer systems.

Any feedback is welcome. Also general feedback if I should continue
to maintain GPGOE...


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