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Nicky van Etten n.v.etten at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 12:43:24 CET 2006

I'm using a AMD Athlon64 CPU, i've worked with server 2003 (32bit) before
the reinstall, and gpg/winpt always worked fine, so it's no limitation ofthe
OS i think we can assume, i'll try to mail some detailed errors when im off

On 3/9/06, Timo Schulz <twoaday at gmx.net> wrote:
> On Thu Mar 09 2006; 11:39, Nicky van Etten wrote:
> > Are these problems related to the incompatibility of WinPT on X64
> systems?
> > or is it just my configuration that has problems?
> I'm sorry to say this, but I've no X64 system and thus I can only guess.
> To make sure we talk about the same issues, with X64 you mean
> the Intel Xeon 64 CPU?
> For a long time I've an item on my TODO list which says, that the code
> needs to be tested in a 64-bit environment with the Win64 API.
> To track down the problem...you say you can't use GPG at all. What does
> it mean, I mean if encryption via WinPT works GPG must also work. At
> least in this case. When you could provide detailled error messages
> or other "relevant" information, this would be very useful.
> Just a quick note...Windows 2003 is definitely a server OS and very
> new. Of course Win32 program should also run in this environment, but
> maybe there are limitations. I also don't have access to W2003 so I
> can't do any tests.
>       Timo
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