[Winpt-users] GPGol part of Gpg4win

Alan Jones alan at ajsquared.us
Sat Mar 11 19:27:09 CET 2006

I installed GPGol as part of the Gpg4win install pack and was confused
and discouraged to see it not working how I expected.  I don't know if
it was just a process for how it was installed, if I am missing
something or if the functionality is just not there.

My point of reference is Enigmail, with integration points that I really
love for signing, encrypting, verifying signatures, and decrypting mail.

After installed GPGol I had options to open up the Keymanger and it
opens WinPT's keymanager.... that is fine who needs 5 key managers. 
There was some interface into the menu structure for a few options, but
not much else.

I did not see options for when writing a message and saying ok sing this
one and verify that e-mail was actually signed by "X" etc.

Am I missing something?  I reinstalled GPGol though Gpg4Win but did not
see any difference.

Is GPGol actively being developed?  If so will there be new version
anytime soon?

Are there other products out there that one would recommend when you are
forced by Office requirements to use Microsoft Outlook 2003.

thanks for the help and info


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