[Winpt-users] GPGol part of Gpg4win

Alan Jones alan at ajsquared.us
Sun Mar 12 20:51:03 CET 2006

Sorry for the confusion.... I was doing some of the e-mail from memory
as I did not have my Office machine with Outlook in front of me.  The
e-mail was also a last minute thing before rushing off to do something
else.... everything one should not do...

See below....

Timo Schulz wrote:
> On Sat Mar 11 2006; 12:27, Alan Jones wrote:
>> After installed GPGol I had options to open up the Keymanger and it
>> opens WinPT's keymanager.... that is fine who needs 5 key managers.
> I'm not sure what you're saying here. GPGol is able to search for WinPT
> and GPA. If one of them is found, it is used. What's the problem?
This was not a problem.... it was actually a good thing .... just
surprised.. I had been worried that GPGol had it's own keymanager and
not every app needs it's own Keymanager...    Thanks for doing it this
>> I did not see options for when writing a message and saying ok sing this
>> one and verify that e-mail was actually signed by "X" etc.
> I'm a little confused now. You want to sign the mail so the recipient
> can verify it? Or what do you mean by "verify that e-mail was actually
> signed by 'X'"?
> There are two icons in the toolbar (and also two menu entries). So if
> you want to sign the mail, just click on the toolbar icon or select
> the GPG/Sign entry directly via the menu. 
On the main Outlook toolbar there is 1 new icon that is for opening the
Key Manager on the main Outlook Screen. 
I checked and Outlook says the "Open GPG Key Manger Icon is there and
that is it.

Under the Tools Menu is an entry "GPG Key Manager".

I did not see any other menu items.

If I go to Tools -> Options  in the main Outlook page there is a new tab
for GnuPG there for setting defaults etc and says I am running version

When writing a message I don't see any new icons or menu entries in the
compose window for singing a message.

When opening an individual message and reading there is a new entry
Tools -> Decrypt and verify message  along with an associated icon.

I have sent myself a few test messages from Thunderbird using Enigmail
to Outlook and Outlook is not able to verify the message, even though
that machien should have the keys.

As far as future features and design I might suggest looking at
Thunderbird + Enigmail.  They have an easy set of icons, configuration
options, etc.   Click, do you want to sign, encrypt, use  PGP/MIME etc?

>> Is GPGol actively being developed?
> Yes.

Are you working on any new features, fixes that might land in the near
future for GPGol?

thanks for the feedback and willingness to work with me on this.


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