[Winpt-users] GPGol part of Gpg4win

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Mon Mar 13 00:03:27 CET 2006

On Sun Mar 12 2006; 13:51, Alan Jones wrote:

> surprised.. I had been worried that GPGol had it's own keymanager and
> not every app needs it's own Keymanager...    Thanks for doing it this

I agree. That's why it uses external key managers.

> On the main Outlook toolbar there is 1 new icon that is for opening the
> Key Manager on the main Outlook Screen. 

This is the "main dialog".

> I checked and Outlook says the "Open GPG Key Manger Icon is there and
> that is it.

If you create a new mail, in this dialog 2 new icons _should_
be available.

> I did not see any other menu items.

They are only visible in the "new mail" dialog.

> If I go to Tools -> Options  in the main Outlook page there is a new tab
> for GnuPG there for setting defaults etc and says I am running version

OK, so far everything works.

> When writing a message I don't see any new icons or menu entries in the
> compose window for singing a message.

That's weird. Even the menu entries are not visible?

> When opening an individual message and reading there is a new entry
> Tools -> Decrypt and verify message  along with an associated icon.

The same should happen for 'New Mail', except the icons are different.

> I have sent myself a few test messages from Thunderbird using Enigmail
> to Outlook and Outlook is not able to verify the message, even though

What exact Outlook version do you have? Did you apply any Service Packs?
GPGol needs at least SP2 (and 2003).

> Thunderbird + Enigmail.  They have an easy set of icons, configuration
> options, etc.   Click, do you want to sign, encrypt, use  PGP/MIME etc?

I'm familiar with the mailer+extension and GPGol should work likewise.
The problem is that Outlook is sometimes "intractable". That's why you
need to install at least SP2.

> Are you working on any new features, fixes that might land in the near
> future for GPGol?

I currently do not maintain the project. If you use Outlook >= 2003
(SP2) and the problems still exist, it might be a good idea to
fill out a bug report at bugs.gnupg.org (gpgol).

> thanks for the feedback and willingness to work with me on this.

No problem. When my time permits it, I always try to help.


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