[Winpt-users] Missing functions for 1.0

Bernd Lechner bfl at gmx.at
Mon Mar 13 16:46:53 CET 2006

Hash: RIPEMD160

Timo Schulz schrieb am 13.03.2006 12:25:
> Hi!
> Now that the 1.0 version comes closer with every day, I wanted to
> ask again if you think that important functions are missing.
> Especially for the Key Manager part and the Clipboard/Current-Window
> support. 

Hello Timo!
I would like to suggest an improvement of the Key Access dialog in the
Key Manager for version 1.0. It's not an "important feature" but the
present solution has always annoyed me a little bit.

Now, when I write an email address or a KeyID into the field on bottom
of the window and press the button "Receive" or "Search" a window pops
up asking me "Please select one of the key servers". Although I just
want to use the default one I have to chose it again manually. One
wonders why is there a default key server (the one in the list with the
little cross) when you still have to chose a server in this situation.

So, there is my suggestion. When opening the key access dialog the line
with the default key server should be highlighted in grey color as it is
would be after having been set as default by pressing the corresponding
button. Maybe with a request above it saying "Please select key server,
if other than default". Thus, the irritating request "Please select a
key server" wouldn't be necessary any more.

(I wrote a private email to you about that more than a year ago. You
agreed with me but maybe you forgot it ;-) )



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