[Winpt-users] Cannot change home for GnuPG

Snoken snoken at tunedal.nu
Thu Mar 23 10:09:08 CET 2006

At 13:00 2006-03-21, you wrote:
 >On Tue Mar 21 2006; 10:36, Snoken wrote:
 >> I cannot change the home catalog for GnuPG with the latest version
 >> (0.11.8) of WinPT. I use different keyrings at different locations
 >Please can you be a little more precise with "cannot change"? Do you
 >mean the settings can't be changed or you changed them and the old
 >values are still used?
 >       Timo
When I open the Window for GPG settings the field for the home path 
is empty. I enter the new location, update the key cache, but still 
the old key ring is used. When I check the settings the path-window 
is empty once again.

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