[Winpt-users] GPGoe

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Thu Mar 23 21:07:08 CET 2006


I know I promised a beta days ago...but the code still needed some
work to be ready for beta testing.

A new GPGoe website will follow, I give more information when it's ready.

Now I managed to prepare a beta version and I'm interested to get some
feedback. Either on the interface but more if it works with the most
common Outlook Express versions. I tested it with OE from WXP/SP2 and
it works like a charm. And now sign+encrypt also works ;-).

The current code has limitations, for example you can't select the
signing key it always uses the default.

Download URL:

For people who want to test it, here are the _install instructions_:

1. you need an existing WinPT installation or better the DLLs that
   came with it.
2. unzip gpgoe-0.6.0-beta.zip in the same folder the winpt.exe
   (libgpgme-11.dll) is located.
3. start gpgoeinit.exe
   (you can end the program either with a right click->exit or a 
    double click)
4. start Outlook Express and make sure the "Encrypt" and "Sign"
   toolbar buttons are visible!
5. that's it.

a _quick introduction_:

how to encrypt:
new message->fill out all fields->select "Encrypt"->send
(if the email addresses can be found in the keyring, no interactive
 steps are needed otherwise a dialog is shown to select the recipients)
 how to sign:
 new message->fill out all fields->select "Sign"->send
 (the passphrase callback is shown to ask for the passphrase for the
  default signing key. Type in the passphrase)
 how to sign+encrypt:
 new message->fill out all fields->select "Sign"+Select "Encrypt"->send
 (the recipient dialog _might_ be shown and after it the passphrase 

If you have problems or general questions or feedback, feel free to
use the winpt-users list to discuss them.

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