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Juan Ignacio Gaviria gaviria at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 27 03:36:38 CEST 2006

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Hi Timo!

I downloaded and tested GPGOE-beta and beta-1.

I was not able to see any difference betwen the two versions, except that I 
reckon beta-1 can be installed in a folder other than the one containing 

Now my messages sent with Outlook Express can be signed, encrypted and 
signed+encrypted. That's good news.

There seems to be a limitation in the message viewer, which will show only 
about 1,000 characters (about 150-170 words) of the decrypted message.  I 
checked using the "Copy" button on the viewer and pasting elsewhere and the 
message was there, but not visible.

During my testing I also tried to decrypt the encrypted message by copying 
it to the clipboard and using WinPT.  There seems to be a memory issue 
there, because GPGOE would not be available after using WinPT context menu. 
I had to close OE and open it again for GPGOE to work properly.

I also noticed that if I wanted to paste some text in a new OE message, I 
had to first open an empty file and then copy and paste.  I was not able to 
do it by first copying text then opening a new message and pasting the text 
in the empty message.  Nothing would happen.

There is one other thing that I am not sure happened with former version: 
OE reacts inmediately when I open a message received as an attachement to 
another message and the "GPG Plugin Error" (decrypt/verify: no data) small 
window plus the noise that goes with it is quite annoying.

My system: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 1,0 Gb RAM, 120 Gb HD, Windows Xp Pro SP2, OE 
v 6.00.2900.2180, WinPT v 0.11.9, GnuPG v 1.4.3-cvs.

I keep both WinPT and GPGOEInit shortcuts in my Stratup folder and they 
appear in my system tray.

Keep up your great work and thank you for maintaining your interest in this 
useful tool.

Best regards,

Juan Ignacio Gaviria
Isla Margarita

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I know I promised a beta days ago...but the code still needed some
work to be ready for beta testing.

A new GPGoe website will follow, I give more information when it's ready.

Now I managed to prepare a beta version and I'm interested to get some
feedback. Either on the interface but more if it works with the most
common Outlook Express versions. I tested it with OE from WXP/SP2 and
it works like a charm. And now sign+encrypt also works ;-).

The current code has limitations, for example you can't select the
signing key it always uses the default.

Download URL:

For people who want to test it, here are the _install instructions_:

1. you need an existing WinPT installation or better the DLLs that
   came with it.
2. unzip gpgoe-0.6.0-beta.zip in the same folder the winpt.exe
   (libgpgme-11.dll) is located.
3. start gpgoeinit.exe
   (you can end the program either with a right click->exit or a
    double click)
4. start Outlook Express and make sure the "Encrypt" and "Sign"
   toolbar buttons are visible!
5. that's it.

a _quick introduction_:

how to encrypt:
new message->fill out all fields->select "Encrypt"->send
(if the email addresses can be found in the keyring, no interactive
 steps are needed otherwise a dialog is shown to select the recipients)

 how to sign:
 new message->fill out all fields->select "Sign"->send
 (the passphrase callback is shown to ask for the passphrase for the
  default signing key. Type in the passphrase)

 how to sign+encrypt:
 new message->fill out all fields->select "Sign"+Select "Encrypt"->send
 (the recipient dialog _might_ be shown and after it the passphrase


If you have problems or general questions or feedback, feel free to
use the winpt-users list to discuss them.
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