[Winpt-users] GPGoe

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Mon Mar 27 10:19:10 CEST 2006

On Sun Mar 26 2006; 21:36, Juan Ignacio Gaviria wrote:

> I was not able to see any difference betwen the two versions, except that I 
> reckon beta-1 can be installed in a folder other than the one containing 

Some code has changed. Maybe it's not visible for the user.

> Now my messages sent with Outlook Express can be signed, encrypted and 
> signed+encrypted. That's good news.

Please can you post your exact OE version?

> There seems to be a limitation in the message viewer, which will show only 
> about 1,000 characters (about 150-170 words) of the decrypted message.  I 

The code should output all text, but actually I never tried with very
long messages. I will check this again.

> checked using the "Copy" button on the viewer and pasting elsewhere and the 
> message was there, but not visible.

What do you mean by "not visible"? Copy copies the text in the clipboard
so you can paste it somewhere.

> During my testing I also tried to decrypt the encrypted message by copying 
> it to the clipboard and using WinPT.  There seems to be a memory issue 
> there, because GPGOE would not be available after using WinPT context menu. 

You mean you could not encrypt or sign in Outlook Express any longer?

> I also noticed that if I wanted to paste some text in a new OE message, I 
> had to first open an empty file and then copy and paste.  I was not able to 
> do it by first copying text then opening a new message and pasting the text 

The problem is, that the plug-in uses the clipboard for data transfer.
I've to admit that this isn't 100% clean but the only way and I also
see the problem. I will add this point to the README but for now there
is not much I can do.

> OE reacts inmediately when I open a message received as an attachement to 
> another message and the "GPG Plugin Error" (decrypt/verify: no data) small 
> window plus the noise that goes with it is quite annoying.

Hmm, I tested all kind of message types and also a PGP/MIME message.
When no GPG data were found, no action should be performed. It works
on my system. Maybe you can forward me the test message which produces
the "no data" error?

> Keep up your great work and thank you for maintaining your interest in this 
> useful tool.

Thanks for taking your time to report on these issues.


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