[Winpt-users] Why comes the binary archive without native language support?

Monika Schilling ms at mschilling.com
Wed Mar 29 16:49:18 CEST 2006


the archive winpt-0.11.9-exe.zip lacks both the instructions how to activate 
native language support and the translation files.

It took me some time to spot how to enable in particular German language 

I needed to download the corresponding source code archive, which contains 
both instructions (README) and the German language translation file Po/de.gmo

It turned out that these instruction are a little out of date:
1.  What is called .mo file in the instructions are actually .gmo files.
2.  GnuPG now uses a different and simpler scheme. You just have to 
import a .reg file with the contents


    ; Adjust the following line to your needs!

Are the commissions in the binary archive by accident or by intention?

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