[Winpt-users] GPGoe beta2 is available

Juan Ignacio Gaviria gaviria at fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 30 06:29:01 CEST 2006

Hi, Timo!

Sorry for taking so long in answering.  I was out of town and could not 
check my mail.

You sure are fast at code-fixing.  I downloaded and tested beta2. The 
annoying "no data" message seems to be gone for good.

The limitation in the number of characters that the message viewer will show 
still persists.  It seems that you need to place the cursor inside the 
viewer and then use the PageDown key on the keyboard to see the full 
decrypted message (arrows in the keyboard or mouse scrollwheel will not do 
anything).  It is not about the messages being excesively long:  I was 
trying to decrypt your previous message to the list regarding GPGOE which I 
had encrypted and resent to myself.  May I suggest a scroll bar in the 

I tried to verify the signature for a message sent to the list by John 
Clizbe on March 22 and all I got was an empty message box for signature 
verification even though I imported Mr Clizbe's key.  Maybe a key was 
missing or invalid, but the message box did not help.

The memory (or clipboard) issue about not being able to copy text, opening a 
new message and pasting the text to the new message still remains there. 
You still have to open the message, then copying the text fragment and 
finally pasting.

All in all, a great job!  Please keep on it.

Best regards,

Juan Ignacio Gaviria
Isla Margarita

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A few seconds ago I released the second beta of GPGoe. It contains
some minor fixes and it does not show the annoying "no data" message
for each plaintext mail.


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