[Winpt-users] Why comes the binary archive without native language support?

Monika Schilling ms at mschilling.com
Thu Mar 30 09:54:30 CEST 2006


Timo Schulz wrote:


> > I needed to download the corresponding source code archive, which
> > contains both instructions (README) and the German language translation
> > file Po/de.gmo
> Actually you don't need to do this.
> Go to http://www.winpt.org and download the latest German translation
> (other might follow) and then use Preferences->GPG->Locale Folder to
> set the folder you stored the winpt.mo file. That's it.

This usefull link is new to me. Perhaps you could place it on the Gforge 
project page under the Summary tab. Here we have a difference between Gforce 
and SourceForge. On SourceForge a project page has a link "home page" in the 
navigation area.

> With GPG4win and other installers, this steps will be done automatically.
Yes, I know.  At present for my taste GPG4win is too fat. Nevertheless I will 
think it over again.

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