[Winpt-users] Cant Sign/Encrypt Notepad file

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Sat Nov 3 19:16:39 CET 2007

Oliver Arp wrote:

> Im using the hotkeys, Alt+Shift+I for sign and encrypt.
> I open the txt file, press Alt+Shift+I and WinPT pops up,
> I check the account I have created only for crypting files (4096 bit),
> WinPT asks for my password an a few second later it tells me its ready.
> BUT is ist NOT, the text is still there.
> I have already signed and encrypted some txt files this way.
> Why is it not working anymore?

To make sure I really understand the problem, you try to
use the "current window" mode which pastes the encrypted
data back in the window? Or do you use the clipboard?
If you mean the latter, the text is *not* pasted back to
the window but it's stored in the clipboard.

So what's the problem here?
i) The text is not encrypted
ii) The encrypted text is not paste back to the window


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